Friday, April 23, 2010

An Apology

Cut the tip of my left index finger at work on Wednesday. There will be, in a future entry, much more to come on what exactly that means in today’s world of rampant blood-borne pathogens. But for the moment I’m finding out how hard it is to blog when you have a large bulky dressing on the tip of your index finger. I tend to be a hunt and peck typist and while I’ve gotten fast at it over the years, I’m still not fluent. The big bulky dressing on my finger makes it worse, because the gauze wrapping means I hit four keys at once. So I’m trying to type with the middle finger on my left hand. When I do that, the right hand, sensing some sort of asymmetry, is favoring my use of the middle finger there as well. This leaves me with the feeling that not only is my typing as slow as a basset hound’s learning curve, but that I’m also continuously flipping off the computer, the blog, my readers, and the English language as a whole, including its’ Proto-Germanic ancestors and Indo-European.

To all of you, I’m sorry.

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