Monday, September 24, 2012

The Teen’s sense of humor is literally in the toilet.  I don’t really mind too much, because that’s what 14 year old boys are all about and what 49 year old men have never outgrown.   Perhaps with age we have learned to hide our amusement until we are secreted by ourselves or amongst like-minded persons of similar age and gender, at which point we giggle uncontrollably like schoolgirls looking at a Seventeen magazine spread of Justin Bieber’s hair clippings.  But I thought my son, who is very creative and often makes up his own jokes and one-liners, had hit a new low when he started telling me about the Wonder Boner, the Wet Banana, and A Man, A Girl, and His Johnson.

I normally don’t put videos on the blog, mostly because before today I haven’t figured out how to do so. But I need to include these under the category of The Teen is Not Making This Up.

So please accept this entry as my official apology to The Teen.  Son, I stand corrected.  Or sit, depending on what it is I’m doing in there.  And above all, I’ll turn on the fan and light a candle.  Giggle.



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