Saturday, November 14, 2009

Villian Comparison: The Child Speaks!


I am The Child, as commonly referred to on my dad`s blog. I am now twelve, and have gained permission to write on my dad`s blog. I promise that this blog will keep you entertained through the times. This column shall contain such myriad subjects as Candy, Neopets, puppies, yo-yo tricks, and…..

Um, this guy.-------

To start with, villain comparisons. This will list my favorite bad guys of all time, and their rating from 1 to 10.

Sepulchere: Found in the game DragonFable, this bad boy carries a doom blade and has a penchant for destruction. He also tries to rule the earth, but it doesn`t seem to work out, now does it?

Evil Rating: 9 out of ten. Who can resist a DOOM-blade wielding doom knight?

Drakkath: Sepulchere`s evil minion in DragonFable, and his slayer in Adventure Quest Worlds, this chaos lord-in-training never knew he was going to be his master`s killer!

Evil rating (normal): 4 out of ten. Just a worthless pile of scraps, really.
Evil rating (chaos): 10 out of ten. The chaos powers he suddenly gets are AWESOME. I mean, he beat the lord of evil himself.

Gravelyn: The daughter of Sepulchere, and also his best kept secret, Gravelyn is only a girl, but she vows to finish what her father started after Chaos Drakkath is gone!

Evil rating: 7 out of ten. Just a girl, but not a bad evil ruler.

Gnats: Blasted things! Can`t they just bug someone else for once?

Evil rating: 8 out of ten. I HATE GNATS!

Zorbak: The all-mighty Moglin wizard himself, creator of the dreaded Undead Kitten! Brothers with the dreaded Kabroz, who just hate each other. Oh, the irony.

Evil rating: 6 out of ten. He`s so narcissistic. Only cares about his little blue self. Sheesh.

Xan: An insane pyromancer, wanting to torch stuff for no apparent reason. And what`s with the flaming skull? That`s overkill. But he DOES have cool fire powers.

Evil rating: 8 out of ten. He`s powerful, and pretty cool too.

Sir Malifact: A cursed knight, he fell under a dark spell. In return for great power, he became a doom knight bent on destruction! Very powerful and dangerous.

Evil rating: 7 out of ten. He used to be a good guy, you know.

Twig: The EVIL moglin who loves fish and ice cream. Has a dreaded ice cream blast, and can summon whales. Very stupid, but dangerous. Keep your distance.

Evil rating: 10 out of ten. He`s awesome. Need I say more?

Deady: The most powerful evil ever, he comes from the planet Necros, which he blew up. Very, well, deadly. Anger courses through his stuffed body.

Evil rating: 17 out of ten. The awesomest thing since Adventure Quest Worlds!

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